April 4, 2020


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The story of Heisenberg: The identity of the father and son after 20 years

Thomas Jefferson (8-12). America is one of the founding fathers of the United States. Jefferson was also the lead author of the American Declaration of Independence. He also served as the third president of the United States from 3 to 5 years. But, a pressing rumor about him has been going on for almost two hundred years.

Sally Hemings, a black woman, worked as a maid in the home of Thomas Jefferson. According to a magazine source, Thomas Jefferson had a deep love affair with Sally Hemings. Not only that, Sally Hemings’ third child, Aston, had white hair. Many believed that Aston was the love child of Jefferson and Hemmings. However, the non-marriage affair of President Jefferson and a black woman became a very sensitive issue in American society at that time. Therefore, it is believed that the affair has been tampered with in various ways. Thomas Jefferson died in 1228, leaving this huge smoke unfinished.

About two hundred years later. At that time Jefferson, Sally Hemmings, Aston – all died. However, science has gone to DNA inside the cell. DNA tests in relation detection are now a daily buzzer in our society. University of Virginia Professor Dr. Eugene Foster decided he would leave without proving the relationship between Jefferson and Aston.

But how do you prove the relationship of three people who died hundreds of years ago? The remains or remains of their bodies are difficult to find today.

The answer is hidden on the Y chromosome. Our gender is determined by two chromosomes named X and Y. If XX the child is a girl; XY will have a son. The Y-chromosome is left unchanged from father to all of his sons. Since the girl does not need any Y-chromosome, her father’s Y-chromosome never goes into the body of the daughter. Simply put, the Y-chromosome will be fully mated to all male members of the same family. Your grandfather, your father, your uncle, all of your cousins ​​and their children’s Y-chromosomes are completely precise. Therefore, family relationships on the father’s side can be easily removed by using the Y-chromosome.

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Our Dr. Foster also chose the Y-chromosome as a weapon. But, who to test?

After searching the lot, one of the sons of Thomas Jefferson’s uncle, Field Jefferson’s seventh man, was found. He also agreed to take the test. Jefferson’s son’s relatives met. But, what about the other party?

A fourth man’s son, Aston Hemings, was also found. Dr. Foster began his experiment. A pair of unique heads from one head of the Y-chromosome were found between the descendants of these two families. The result of that test was published in Nature in the world-renowned scientific journal Nature: Jeffersen fathered slave’s last child. As shown in the article, the Y-chromosome of the two families corresponds to about one hundredth. That is, Aston Hemmings is actually Aston Jefferson; The jealous child of Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States. Eventually the relationship of the parents of about two hundred years old was revealed to the world.